Cross border Trucking Terminal


Cross Border Transportation


Our "cross-border" services allow you to smoothly transport cargo by land to neighboring countries and regions.

Although the free trade movement accelerates abolition and reduction of many tariffs as part of economic globalization, it does not get any easier to establish a borderless supply chain, even where markets are connected by land. In order to achieve stable operations, it is critical to design optimal transportation models and to have them evolve continuously, by paying close attention to the latest customs and traffic regulations as well as local road and traffic conditions.

Suvannaphum Transport services, we work closely with local staff and partners, which allow us to always offer high-quality cross-border transportation services.

Cross Border Transportation at ASEAN Region

Although the border situations can be quite complicated between ASEAN countries, nevertheless transportation demands are increasing.
Suvannaphum Truck transport services use Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam as a gateway to provide cross-border trucking services in areas without properly developed port infrastructure. In this way, we can meet all of your transportation needs.


Cross Border Transportation

Many challenges can arise in relation to overland cross-border transportation, such as customs procedures, schedule adjustments, route-planning, and so on. 
Suvannaphum Truck Transport service we have established a comprehensive transportation hub that uses a combination of cross-border trucking networks managed on our own or by our partners. By remaining familiar with local situation, we can offer high-quality international trucking services to each region.

The development of the regional economy has brought with it increasing logistics demand and sophistication. Our Group's local subsidiaries are able to support a wide range of customer needs by utilizing our own network, and also by cooperating with our allied partners.